I reached out to my buddy Dreamer, who I had met last year at the Hiker Hut, to reunite for another hike. He has his own blog https://www.outsidewithlarry.com. He brought his dog, Victory along. Victory is also working on his 48.

We set out from Lincoln woods to to the flat/ woodsy railroad trail from earlier this week. This time I would be taking it mostly all the way down until it intersected with the Bondcliff Trail. Victory enjoyed all the water along the way, the more mud the better.

The trail was pretty mild and gradual. We got a view of the ridge we had to climb up and it looked so far away. The trail had some switchbacks to help us reach the top. There was a scramble that basically symbolized the nearing of the summit. We had be making great time. The first summit was Bondcliff. Lucky for us it was a bluebird day… my favorite kind!

Victory and Larry had only planned to go up Bondcliff but I convinced them to climb up Mount Bond. It was straight up but only about a mile away. All basically above treelike until nearing the summit. The trail pops back of the woods to the open summit. Victory grabbed his 16th.

Up at the summit, I passed another friend, Joe, who was one of the people I had grabbed ice cream with the other day. I headed out for the mile walk to grab West Bond solo.

The trail between Bond and West Bond was not that bad. I ran some of it, which I later regret. I met back up with Larry and Victory, who waited for me on Bond. I fueled up and we headed back towards Lincoln woods.

The climb back didn’t seem so bad at first. Once we got backdown below tree line, I began to feel the exhaustion. I was walked at a steady, slow pace. My energy was gone, no matter what I ate. It was a wealth march for sure. Attempting 23 miles after what I had already done was not an easy task and I was happy to reach the car and drive for celebratory burgers. I had another big day planned tomorrow.