Surprise! I’m hiking the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. Actually by the time you are reading this, I would have already started the trail.

Now let’s talk logistics. I flew into Denver and took public transportation via a train/Uber to arrive at the Airbnb. The Airbnb we picked was in the University District about 40 minutes away from Waterton Canyon. I should also mention I barely got any sleep before flying out to Denver because I felt like a little kid the night before Christmas.

The “we” is fellow hiker trash and teacher, Professor Fantastic, who I met last year on the Appalachian trail. I was headed SOBO (Southbound) and he was headed NOBO (Northbound). Our paths crossed at the Blue Barn in Vermont. He was section hiking with Pixie and her Mom, Monica, so they had a car with them. He offered whoever wanted to he would drive to a nearby brewery for burgers and beer. I was not one to say no to that and 3 other hiker trash piled into his car and we headed to the joint.

Still staying in touch via social media, we were nearly heading into summer when he reached out to see what I was planning. We both used our summers off to section hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) and with Covid-19 the ATC was advising hikers to avoid the trail this year. I had wanted to hike the Colorado Trail this summer and he had it on his list, so I offered for him to join in on the adventure.

Fast forward to now. Coming from Florida and New Jersey, we met at the airport and planned to stay in Denver for two nights to help us flat landers acclimate. We stayed localish grabbing a deep dish pizza for dinner and call it for the night.

The second day in Denver but our first full day was spent mostly downtown. We enemy for a quick run to test our the elevation. It left us a little breathless but okay. We grabbed breakfast at this hipster, retro joint close by called Jelly.

My white mocha

Next we headed for the E to take us into downtown Denver. This is what I used to navigate public transportation It was a lot cheaper than using Uber and it was free because of Covid. The architecture was nice to the eye and most of the buildings looked relatively new.

We headed to the Flagstaff store of REI. It was a beautiful sight and even nicer inside. I actually work at my local REI- Marlton, NJ and this store does not even compare and the location is prime.

We couldn’t resist putting our feet in the river as so many locals were swimming on the opposite bank. We could have sat there all day but we needed to do a few more errands like stopping at the post office and later grabbing lunch at the SchoolHouse. We basically walked everywhere in Downtown Denver about 12 miles for the day. The only time I really noticed the elevation/acclimation besides running was walking up some stairs several times.

After lunch, we hit up a Whole Foods for a beverage and headed back towards the mesmerizing river. We hung out for a bit and then decided to head closer to home to cool off. It was in the upper 80s and you could feel it.

Later, we ventured out one more time for some last minute grocery items and anxiously awaited our ride at 7am for the trailhead.