Day 4 Sunday June 28th 

The alarm seemed to have gone off too quickly at 5am. I felt like I barely slept. It took a while to wind down from hanging around the campfire. I heard a mouse crawling around outside looking for crumbs. It was also the coldest night on trail thus far. 

We packed up with an hour and 15 minutes and headed back for the trail. We got to walk 4-6ish miles through the valley. It was beautiful. We crested the top of the saddle and entered the woods.

Sitting down for a second breakfast, we walked separately for a bit. I filled my time with listening to workship music and enjoying the beauty around me. I got a few glimpses of distant snowy mountains and tears filled me eyes. Colorado had been on my radar to possibly move to and with the overwhelming emotions I felt each time… those can’t be ignored. I’d be taking a big risk and leaving behind everything I know. But I have also spent ¼ of life on the East coast and I think it may be time for a change.

The rest of the days miles crusied on by walking in and out of Aspen growths, open hillside meadows, distant view of mountains, and rocky cliffs above.

We reached Gulch Johnson after 16.1 miles. It was our intended campspot and mentioned in the Databook. We were pretty disappointed in the campsite selection and decided to push on to dry camp with some views. We hung out for a bit to rest up before the big climb with max water. I had 4.6 liters with me to dry camp. 

The views were breathtaking. Each step we take, the views get better and better. I can’t believe we get to live here for a month. The views distracted me from the shoulder pain as we neared camp. 19.3 miles and a hiking PR for the trip. 

Almost all the people we had been hiking with walked by us. We left a message for Sunny to catch up and a verbal message with some Northbounders. A few hours later we heard him say our names as he reached the open field. We enjoyed watching a sunset for the evening and called it early night around hiker midnight (8:30).