Monday, June 29, 2020

I slept better than I had thus far. I don’t remember having such a hard time sleeping last summer in the AT, but sometimes we block out memories that aren’t good. From across the field, I heard Professor mumble something about a sunrise. I checked my phone and it was 5:07AM. I peaked outside my tent and saw the sky. It looked worth climbing out of bed for, so I jumped out and walked behind my tent to the clearing. The sky was cloudy but just above the mountains was clear and colorful. I stood and watched for about 15 minutes before I retreated back to my sleeping bag. It was funny because we were nearly camped at the same elevation as the previous night but it was a lot warmer. 

I laid in bed for about 30 more minutes or so before I started to break down camp. The alarms were set for 6:30AM. I gave Professor until 6:33AM with no sounds coming from his tent, I began to throw a collection of pine cones at him. He woke up pretty quick. All I had to do was pack up my sleeping bag and tent.

Around 7:30, Professor, Sunny, and I headed up the trail for Jefferson. Both Professor and I had resupply boxes waiting for us. It was 3 miles to the highway. We had distant views of snowy mountains that we keep getting closer and closer to. 

I was walking behind Professor and I saw a moose in the woods ahead. We looked across the path and saw a young bull. We watched them from a distance. After 5 minutes, a biker rode through and told us it was okay to pass. The going bull was not aggressive. We inched our way forward and patiently waited for the bull to cross to the other side. We literally got to walk right by them. It was my first time seeing a moose and I got to see two!

The rest of way was spent walking through an Aspen grove and past many man made teepees eased us to the road. We waited for Sunny and headed for the road for a hitch.

About 15 minutes later, we got a ride to the Jefferson Market. We immediately went for the food. We each got a Bacon, Egg, and cheese burrito and shared some Blueberry panacakes. The pancakes smelled and tasted like cake. 

Next, we found the post office next to the market that didn’t open until 12pm. Professor’s box had arrived but mine was still in transit. We charged our stuff and chatted with the other hikers who rolled in, Jeremy, a teacher from Aspen, Kelly, and Luke and Gavin.

At 12, I found out my box was being picked up in FairPlay and would be there in about an hour. We both had packed way too much food and thought we could slipt his box and send mine to Breckenridge. It would cost money and the lady at the post office didn’t think it would be there by Wednesday or even Friday. I would wait for it and take it with me. We ordered two burritos to go and I bought a hair comb. I had left my hair comb back in Denver at our AirBNB. I washed my underwear, socks, cook pot, spoon, and wash cloth. Kelly had washed her hair in the sink. I decided to do the same… being real hiker trash.

About 20 minutes later my box had arrived and was handed to me about 10 minutes after. Woo, it came early. I gave away my peanut butter filled pretzels and mango cheeks because I just had way too many snacks for 2 days. Right before we headed back on trail, I bought some tums. My stomach had been bothering me the last two days.

Within 15 minutes later, we got a hitch to Kenosha Pass. My pack was too heavy. We climbed up immediately and descend pretty quick across the valley. We ran into another seasoned hiker, Caveman, who doesn’t have mobility in one of his arms but still has backpacked many trails. How cool! 

We made it to Jefferson Creek for camp about 7 miles more for a total of 10 miles. Camp was the fullest it has been this far. A little under 10,000 feet of elevation.  Also I have Gavin a trail name! Gunner! Because he guns down the trail and he has a bold personality given his youngish age of 18. We met back up with Jeremy at camp and a NoBo gal, Gypsy, who had hiked the AT and started the CDT but jumped ships to the CT because she liked it better. 

I left my tent to go socialize but realized I had forgotten something or rather lost it. My sit pad for the third time. I walked up asking anyone if they had seen it. Sunny had picked it up for a mile thinking it was mine but put it back on the trail. This is why my name is lost and found but everything ALWAYS makes its way back. I asked a biker and every hiker who had walked through the rest of the night as we were all gathered together near the trail. They all had saw it but none of them picked it up. I started chatting to Gypsy and asked her how she got her trail name. She said she reads tarot cards. I asked if she would read mine! She said yes and asked if there was anything I wanted to ask the divine. I asked where I was suppose to move to New Hampshire or Colorado. During this process everyone got distracted because there was a beaver swimming up Jefferson Creek. It swam up, walked the opposite bank, and slightly up the Colorado Trail. Within a matter of seconds, it chewed down a young Aspen and began carrying it back to the creek. It leaked twice dragging the small tree and they both floated down the creek and out of sight. How cool is nature! We finished the reading and hung out as a group of 9 for a little while longer until retreating to my tent for some much needed rest.