Tuesday, June 30,

The alarm went off at 6:30am and we were headed out of camp by 7:30. We had 6 miles of a gradual climb to the top of Georgia Pass. Two miles in, it started to sleet on us. We pushed forward each at our own paces. We came across a few snow piles but all were easily walkable. 

The plan was to do 13 miles and camp at Swan River. After summiting Georgia Pass, it was all downhill. The view was breathtaking but also cold being so high up in elevation. Jeremy, Professor, and I hung out until Ace, Gunner, and Sunny joined us for a family photo. 

I took off down the trail looking to escape the wind. I had almost every layer on with gloves. The next 7 miles were easily doable. We arrived at the first crossing of Swan River that had quite the crowd of people, a mom and her two kids, a couple with their dog, and a girl named Jess. 

We had our lunch, drank some water and elevated our feet side by side. Jeremy walked up saying we needed our picture taken. The boys joined too. We only had 2.3 miles to camp. On the way down, Professor and I talked about pushing forward the next 10 miles. It wasn’t too hot. We were about to spend 2ish days in Breckenridge and what better way to rest out limits than to attempt 22.8 miles. 

We made it to the second Swan River, filled up on water and braced ourselves for the last big climb of the day 3 miles and 1,200 feet to a view less pass. Professor took the lead and I didn’t see him until after the summit. I passed Jeremy and he said he planned on camping on the summit. 

Professor had service and was on his phone when I walked up. I sat for a few and got up to continue down the trail. I still felt pretty good. My neck was starting to hurt from my pack but I managed. Professor didn’t catch up to me for a bit as I waited on the trail for him. We were both pushing big miles and it was safer to keep close by in case of injury or a change of plans. We reached the gulch shortly after a few more ascents. We filled up on water and made the last .3 miles into camp around 6:30 tired and exhausted. 

We heard a noise on our climb and realized the boys were coming down the trail across the other side. Gunner has been having foot problems and we weren’t sure they were going to push on. Another female hiker strolled into camp next. She asked if we had trouble sleeping. I had! She said it was because of the altitude. I wish I would have known that before. Sunny made it to camp after dinner. The family was back together again and ready for Breckenridge in the morning.