Day 7 July 1

Eager to get into town, I woke up before my alarm and slowly starting packing up. It was one of the colder nights and I blame it on camping near the valley. I was cozy in my sleeping bag but others were chilly. I also slept with two pairs of socks on. 

6:30am came and I did not hear any typical packing up noises coming from the Professor’s tent. I began to collect Pinecones and toss them at his tent. After two hits, he responded. I had two more pine cones that I proceeded to throw. I basically was packed up. He was shaking with coldness and I helped him pack up to make things move faster. 

We were back on the trail by 7am. There was a few small ascents but it was mostly downhill into town. We followed switchback after switchback as the town below got closer and closer. The homes looked like Lincoln logs. We made it to the bus stop with a minute to spare to dig out our masks. We rode the free bus into town and headed for Main Street for breakfast. We had passed a few day hikers on our way down and asked them where the best place for breakfast was in town. Per there suggestions, they said Daylight Donuts and the Blue Moose.

We headed for the Blue Moose anticipating to sit outside. It was all the way down mainstreet. They had the road blocked off for more outdoor seating opportunities. When we walked up to the restaurant, the manager instructed the hostess to sit us outside, and at a specific table. I guess we smelled worse than we thought. I had coffee enjoying the view of the snow cap mountains. We shared a cinnamon roll and eagerly awaited our breakfast. I ordered a spinach, bacon, and cheese omelette with potatoes and wheat toast. It was so good and I enjoyed every bite. I called the Bivvi Hostel to see if we could drop out packs off and head to town. They said we could hang out as long as we wanted. 

We walked in and were amazed at the beauty. We never actually made  it back into town until dinner. We started to do some town chores like laundry, airing out gear, drinking water, chatting with new and old hiker trash. The Boston couple was staying there and let us use their shower! That’s all I really wanted. With no loaner clothes, I sat around in my rain gear. I chatted with my dad about the trip so far for over an hour. Before I knew it, it was time to hit up the happy hour in town. Our group became 9 and we ended up splitting up. Sunny, Karen, Dave, and I weren’t too impressed with the place, so we had a drink and moved on for dinner. At higher altitude, the beers hit quick, so I was downing lots of water. 

We settled on the Breckenridge Brewery, which was so good! I had a chicken club sandwich with fries. We indulged in gear talk and future summer plans as we filled our bellies. We slowly walked back to the hostel where I ended up trying to plan some logistics but was so tired. I quickly gave up to go sit by the fire and chat with Sunny as a ton of hikers went into the hot tub. I didn’t feel comfortable with the amount of people in it and sat by the fire instead. I met this super cool hiker named Dine and Dash, who had hiked the AT and he was also a teacher. We swapped stories and around 10:00 decided to head to bed. I told several people I always leave town more exhausted than when I arrive. Well, socially exhausted.