July 2-3, 2020 

We zeroed at the Bivvi. We walked around town to pick up a few items and got free beers from some locals. We headed back to the hostel to swap snacks and chill out. Around 1, I headed downtown for a salad with Sunny. Professor called me and we hung out with Tyler and Shelby downtown near the Blue River making a drinking game. Next, I texted Dine and Dash and he met us for tacos. Then we headed back to the hostel to sit in the hot tub and chill around the fire. 

Day 9

We had our last breakfast at the hostel and took off for the bus at 8:26. Tim, Brandon, Dine and Dash, Professor, and I headed for the trail.

It was a 3,000 foot climb to the top of Copper Mountain. Soon, we all split off hiking at our koi own paces. It was the hardest climb of my life because I couldn’t breath. Every 10-15 steps I would have to stop to catch my breathe. Tears pooled in my eyes at the frustration. We had a few snow fields to cross, which weren’t too bad. It was the highest elevation thus far. I later realized I was probably dehydrated and that didn’t help either. Professor was ahead and I texted him that I was struggling badly. He said he would wait at the summit for me. I had a few other hikers near me cheering me on. There was also a storm brewing to my right but I literally could not walk any faster. I was so relieved when I spotted Professor and Dine and Dash at the top. I plopped down between them and listened to Dine and Dash play the ukulele to cheer me up and share some of his gummy bears. I finally got up for some photos. The boys made me go all the way to the edge and climb back up. I tripped and cut my finger. As were tending to that, we heard a distant rumble of thunder and saw dark clouds. We were still way above tree line. We threw on our packs and took off down the trail.

Luckily the stormed missed us. Dine and Dash pulled ahead and Professor and I walked downhill together. We stopped at a water source to have lunch.

On our walk down, I slipped on some loose rock and fell face down. I was okay and slowly got up. My water bottle had tumbled to the side and I asked Professor to grab it for me. When I stood up, I had Virtgo and my ears had uneven pressure in them. I dusted myself off and we headed down the trail but slower this time. We passed a father/son hiking the trail and two teachers.

By the time, we made it to the road. We met up with Dine and Dash. We walked the rest of the way together into Copper Mountain Resort. I drank so much water and that’s when I realized I was probably dehydrated. We shared chicken fingers, fries, and a Cesar salad. The trail went across the backside slope and we could see other hikers passing by. 

Tim and Brandon showed up and took our table as were getting back to hike 3 more miles to camp. Even though we tried to find a place to stay in town because I was wiped. Up in the hillside, we saw Sunny walking past.

Once we got back on trail, we passed Sunny and walked solo into camp. I was relieved to have survived that rough day, I asked the boys for hugs and we headed to set up camp. We packed our tents into the flattest spot we could find. Sunny rolled up a little later and with some bad weather rolling in, we retreated to our tents for the evening.