July 6th 

The alarm went off at 5am in order to make it into Twin Lakes. It was cold and still pretty dark. I didn’t hear Professor packing up. I threw my hiking clothes into my sleeping bag to warm them up a bit. I started to pack up the inside. It was cold. I put on layers and was ready to go by 5:40. Professor walked off to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t wait any longer. I told Dine and Dash to tell him I was cold and started to hike. 

Dine and Dash caught up close to the climb and we hiked off and on together all day. The trail was pretty gradual besides two steepish ups near Mount Massive and Mount Elbert. We still hadn’t seen Professor even though we waited at the end of Segment 11 for him. 

A little bit after I received a text from him that he did some bonus miles. We were 3-4 miles ahead of him. We continued to walk through some long stretches of Aspen trees and made our final ascent to Twin Lakes. 

With the Lakes in sight, it began to rain on us. Right as we got down to the road, we got our first trail magic, sodas! Dine and Dash and I tried to hitch into town and started to make the road walk. A couple picked us up and dropped us off at the Twin Lakes General store where I got my resupply package and did a lot of waiting. Dave and Kerrin (the Boston couple) rented a cabin and had offered to let us stay. We just needed to wait for it to be cleaned. So many hikers came into town, it was awkward walking by clean. 

We got dinner at the only restaurant in town. We were going to sit with all the hikers but their table was full. Dave, Kerrin, Dine and Dash, and I sat inside. Because of the wait for our food, we got free soup and free cheesecake to share. 

After, we headed back to the cabin to relax. There was a big hiker party down by the lake.