Day 13

I woke up around 6:30am and headed to the kitchen to pre-heat the over for bacon. We bought eggs, bacon, pancakes, and syrup for the morning. Dine and Dash made the pancakes, Professor made the eggs, and I made the bacon. 

We ended up giving extra pancakes and bacon to the hikers and offering them some showers.

Around 9:30, we headed down the road for our road walk. Everyone else was taking an alternative that shaved off quite a few miles. The Boston couple, Professor, Dine and Dash and I walked around twin lakes, which started us in the Collegiate West. I was thinking about possiblely doing the CDT with Dine n Dash and his friend. I thought about what to do after the CT. I’m thinking of finishing the Long Trail and my NH48.

We sat along the last stream eating lunch together. Professor handed me a Cider and he drank one himself. Not the best thing to do before a steep climb. We each walked at our own pace. This climb wasn’t as bad as climbing up Copper Mountain. I can feel myself getting stronger after every day.

We reconvened .3 before the camp spot to discuss the plan. We didn’t know if we should go over Hope Pass or save it for tomorrow. The clouds were turning gray. We could possibly catch the sunset in the morning. Our camp spot was so picturesque. We sat around eating dinner and enjoying each other’s company.

D&d collected some wildflowers and made a crown fitted to my head. I took some selfies later with it down by the Alpine Lake. We soaked our feet and watched the sun drop behind the mountains.

Since we got to camp so early, Lost and Found Cinema became a thing and we watched Rataouille briefly all piling into my duplex. It didn’t end up working and we watched some Parks and Recs.