I woke up a little before my alarm went off and stared at the sunrise on the horizon. I didn’t sleep all that well because it was very windy throughout the night. Huge gusts would push my tent inward slightly.

Professor asked for 20 more minutes but I was practically packed up inside my tent. We had .7 up to Hope’s Pass and were attempted to climb up and over Lake Ann Pass as well for a 22-25ish mile day.

I started up the Pass first followed by Dine and Dash and then Professor. It was a beautiful sight to see. We flipped flopped each other on the way down. It was a steeper more rockier down than we were using too. Eventually the trail leveled out with small ups and downs. We were making average time but my legs felt pretty heavy. I walked slightly slower than normal. 

The climb up Lake Ann Pass was 13.5ish from our camp. We needed to get over it before the afternoon in case of storms. The climb wasn’t that bad until the last mile. Even then there were lots of switch backs full of loose rocks. We had heard there was a snow cornice and that made me worried. Professor waited so I could watch him cross. I went next. It was tricky footing but Professor shouted out helpful tips and encouraging words as I made it across. It was scary but I had just witnessed so many other people do it, so I had faith. Dine and Dash made it over next only slipping once.

The trail descended down the valley for quite some time. We all recoveined a few times before stopping at a water source to fill up. There we ran into Tim and Maui. After filling up on water, I elevated my feet against a tree, which was a huge game changer for the rest of the day. I didn’t elevate anything yesterday and I slept in a slate which created more blood to pool in my legs. Dine and Dash and I took off leaving Professor behind to catch up. We walked the rest of the way to camp together. 

We had one final descent where we passed several people. Then as we were waiting for Professor they started to pass us. We didn’t want to not have a place to camp, so we threw on our packs to walk the next .8 until we spotted Dave and Karen. Boy was I happy to see them. 

Professor strolled in a little after. Tim stopped to hang out too until he decided to push on. It was a quit night in camp. I was thankful to be don hiking for the day. We hit 200 miles today and hiked 22.3.