I woke up a little before the alarm went off and stuffed my hiking clothes into my sleeping bag to warm them up. The alarm went off at 6am and I packed up pretty quick. My pee rag was missing and I found it stuffed in a rodent whole…

We had a big day planned. Another 20 miler but we had to go over 5 passes. The day started moderately before making our first climb to Cottonwood Pass. We had heard there was some trail magic there. Dine and Dash’s friend had left a pizza, gaterade, and an orange that we shared. 

I don’t know the name of all the passes. But the wind hit us hard at certain parts of the day. We didn’t hit any snow until traversing from the first Pass to the second. We did hit snow again which was scary because we had to head downhill on the snow. Another snow patch we skirted around. 

We walked above tree line all day and the sun beat down on us but it was never too hot with the wind. The 2nd to last Pass was a little easier but the last one was short and steep. 

We had planned to camp in a basin at a lake. But after seeing the drop off down to the lake we decided to push on 2.7 miles where we ran into some hikers we hadn’t seen since Twin Lakes. Most of them skipped walking around the lake. It was nice hanging around with everyone but we didn’t get the best camp spot. 22.7 miles to end the day.