Friday, July 10

I woke up at 5:35am before our agreed upon wake up time at 6:15am. I had frost covering the dew on my bag deposite sleeping with the door open. 

We packed and a few other hikers from camp headed out before us. I heard voices that belonged to our friends, Dave and Kerrin. We stopped at chatted for a bit before they moved along. 

After we packed up, it was a 3.3 mile climb up to the pass. The trail had many switchbacks and opened up into a large field. The pass itself was not too difficult although I still had stop and breathe. Dine and Dash, and Professor were right behind me as I pass us to the top. 

I took off for the trail first slightly angry and annoyed. Eventually the guys passed me, Professor ended us leaving us off trail to do .4 bonus miles. We had to climb up hill and I was even more annoyed. 

The trail took us down an old railroad bed, which made for nice and smooth walking compared to the previous days. It was exposed at times in the warm sun but we got nice views.

Reaching the Hancock Trailhead first, I plopped down to elevate my feet. Dine and Dash showed up and joined me. Dave and Kerrin were nearby as well. Just as it was 10 minutes of elevating my feet, Professor came down the trail. We all grabbed water and Dine and Dash and I headed out. 

We had to hike up and over another pass. The trail was confusing because it zigzagged is up a rocky road. Professor caught up via ride on the pack of a ATV. I made a comment about how that was yellow blazing. I started to give him sass and a little bit later on we had to talk everything out. 

Walking about a mile before the pass was a lake that Pistol Pete and Shawn were hanging around. We all sat and lounged around. Dine and Dash and I headed for the pass and waited up too for Professor. 

We had a long descent down alongside a valley that was exposed and hot! I had to poop mid way and ran off the trail to dig a cat hole behind a rock. A Dine and Dash approved spot. 

We sat and had a trail side lunch and I got up first. I passed Pistol Pete, who was hurting. Later, I caught up to Shawn and hiked/talked with him for a bit. We all ended up bunching you together and taking a break by a creek. A lady with her puppies walked up and her Aussie cuddled up next to me lovingly and kept coming back for more. 

After about 20 minutes, Dine and Dash and I headed up the steep trail. We had 2.2 miles and about 1,000 foot of elevation gain to Hunt Lake. We had to pass Boss lake first. On our way up, we countered some day hikers. I asked them what the high for the day was, they shared it was in the mid-70s. After telling them where we were ended, they shared a secret spot hidden from view. *wink wink 

I got service at the one lake with creepy cabin. We hiked on and I passed Dine and Dash until we met back up at Hunt Lake gettting the best spot for camp. We set up and went swimming in the lake.

Shortly after the west bubble showed up, we hung out and cooked food by the lake. The mosquito are thirsty AF.