July 11-12, 

Everyone had packed up and headed towards town before us. We already had our stay booked and no one else did, so we slept until 6. 

We had a 1.4 climb to the top of the Continental Divide. The first .7 to the lake was pretty steep. The rest of the way was mostly up a rocky switchback until we all three reached the views. 

The walk the rest of the way was a rocky, ridge walk that provided ample views. The trail dropped down to a grassy knoll. Even though it was early, it was starting to get hot. The miles seemed to flying by. The toughest part was being spit out on a road through the ski resort. The trail markings made it hard navigate. The second hardest climb was up a ski slope. It was only 300 feet but steep.

I was so relieved to see the Highway. We tried to hitch without luck. We headed into the gift shop for a cold drink. Dine and Dash and I got a ride stuffed into the front seat of a car that belonged to a river raft guide.

She dropped us off at a McDonald’s and we headed for a Patio Pancake Place. Professor met us there. From there we walked downtown to soak our feet in the river. We looked into rafting but it was too much money and too far. 

Around 3 we headed to ask how much a tubing place would cost and hit the grocery store. Dine and Dash and I bought way too much food per usual. After we headed to the hostel, we got showers and waited around for our laundry. Then we dressed and headed for Mo burrito, which was slightly disappointing. 

We gathered at a picnic table at the park Pistol Pete, Shawn, Professor, and Dirty Avocado. Next we hit up Benson’s to sit outside in their beer garden drinking margaritas and taking shots. We chatted about gear and hiking adventures. Dine and I Walked back a little before 11 staring at the beautiful stars. 

The next morning Dine and I planned some logistics moving forward and cooked breakfast. 

We walked around downtown for a bit before heading out to go tubing along the Arkansas River. It was so much fun and I hadn’t laughed like that in a long time. I capsized twice in the first round but going down holding onto tubes was more fun. 

We took a mid day break for sandwich’s and got more hikers to join in on the fun. We gathered at a restaurant for margs and hung out by the river watching our fellow hikers go down the river. It was a great zero day!