I had the best night of sleep thus far. It started to storm on again off again while at camp. I was in my bed before 7 and read a chapter of my book and was too tired to read any further.

We packed up at 6am and headed for the trail a little before 7. The day was spent 98% road walking. It carried us across rolling farm land hills. Beer Goddess walked with us for most of the morning. Well I walked with her once I caught Up and then Dine and Dash.

Around 12 a storm was rolling through and we hid out among some trees. We pushed on getting hit with cold rain only to retreat to some nearby shrubs for more storm coverage. Dine and Dash could see lightening striking in the middle of the valley. When it was safe we walked on dreaming of all things food related. 

We walked up one final uphill on the road and passed through a gate before entering another valley and walking alongside a creek in hot, exposed weather.

Right before 4pm, we made it to camp after 25.6 miles, our longest day yet. Next was the debate to do San Luis or not given the weather.