Thursday, June 16

Our alarms went off at 4:45am and it started to rain. I was not leaving my tent until it stopped. The plan was to leave by 5:30am. Dine and Dash and I headed out right on time. Professor wanted to hike the 14er San Luis. Dine and Dash and I were not so sure about doing the peak with the way the storms have been the past two days.

We wanted to be up and over the saddle before 11am. The climb was pretty gradual walking down the valley. Dine and Dash and I walked closely until we reach the saddle. It was cold up there and we saw Tim coming down from the peak. 

We skirted the ridge until climbing up one more saddle until descending to the trail junction that took us into Creede. We had a 3 mile road walk that turned a 10 mile road walk through old mining areas. Professor got a ride with an ATV. We were slightly pissed but the walk cleared our minds.

A sweet old lady gave us snacks and Gaterade and informed us about the local mining.

We walked the 10 miles until town and immediately headed for food. We ate Chicken finger and fries at Miners. Shortly after we headed to the micro brewery in town and I had two beers that tasted like pickles. The Boston couple was in town and joined us there. We later got a personal pizza and salad to share between D and I. We were still hungry and got some more pizza.

It was raining out and started to feel pretty cold. We were going to camp in the park but thankfully the owners at the Snow Shoe Lodge let us stay in the room with the Boston Couple. 6 hikers piled in and lined up to take a shower.