24.2 miles 

My alarm went off at 5am and it was still pretty dark out. I threw my clothes into my sleeping bag for 5 mins and started to pack up. Mid-pack up I hoped out of my tent to use the bathroom. 

Around 5:50, we headed up the trail. We had 10 miles of 6ish ups to the high point of the Colorado Trail. We passed Jeremy on the way and met a guy named Bean and his cute dog Pinto. They were just doing a section. 

Right as we parted ways with everyone, we heard thunder and saw dark clouds looming over the pass we needed to summit. We hung around 2 different times to wait out the storm. 

After crossing the other side, we passed two other CT thru hikers and got rained on. It got pretty chilly when the sun was away. We ate lunch next to lake out of the wind.

I can’t even describe in words how beautiful today was finally entering the San Juans. Everyone had been telling us about them. 

The day consistented of a lot of elevation gain compared to what we have been doing. We managed to hike 24.2 leaving 23.5 into Silverton tomorrow. Our last on trail town stop.