I woke up at 4:41am after a restless night of sleep. We had both woken around midnight and stared at the Milky Way, Big Dipper, and surrounding stars. I put my clothes in my bag to warm them up a bit and sleep just a little bit longer until 5am. 

I started to pack up and we were out of camp before 6. We had a .9 mile climb up to a lake. I caught glimpses of the sunrise behind me. 

D went to the bathroom and I was ahead of him. The trail carried us into a valley. I spotted a white yurt and a horse grazing down below. The Trail carried us up and down and spit us out on a steep road. We followed the road and finished segment 23 and began 24 continuing in the trail. 

We stopped to change our clothes as the temperature began to rise. Upon climbing the hill, I let out an excited noise as I saw another herd of sheep! The Shepard’s dogs found us and began barking. He called them off and we were free to carry on. 

The next 4ish miles went up and down and platued across an open field. We crossed one more snow field and through the pass that carried us up the hill. We ran into our first Nobo hiker with their dog. He warned us about the avalanche damage ahead.

We reached the trail junction and began winding down the valley through a ton of switchbacks. It reminded me of a roller coaster. The valley was beautiful. It carried us downhill for the most part of 9 miles following alongside a creek at times or lose rocks. As we dropped in elevation, it got warmer and warmer. I became so thirsty. I would drink about half a liter of water at almost every stream crossing. 

We came down all the way and were greeted by a teal blue river. Crossing a bridge, we had 4.5 miles of up. Given it was lower elevation, we had an easier time breathing. I didn’t see Dine and Dash until we reached the road. The climb had many switchbacks but my feet were beginning to get tired. As soon as I saw the power lines, I felt relief knowing the road was so close. Thankfully after about 10 minutes a nice young lady picked us and drove us into our last town stop of Silverton. We did 23.5 miles by 3:45.

After dropping our bags, our first order of business was food. We ended up at a pizza place, which we were not impressed by. Next stop was laundry. After starting the load, I walked back to shower. After our laundry was done, we unsuccessfully wondered around town looking for ice cream. We stopped back for D to shower and ventured out one last time for groceries.