I tried to sleep as late as possible, which ended up being a little before 7am. I finished my other blog posts and waited for Dine and Dash to have his work meeting. Then we headed for breakfast. There were not that many options in town but we headed towards the edge of town to Kenedell’s cafe. It was a qauint little place that had just what we were looking for. I got blueberry pancakes and D got French toast, which we both split.

Next we headed back to the room before I ventured out for some duct tape. In Creede, my shoe had a small hole in the side. Since Creede, it had grown bigger. There was no outfitter in town and I had to make it work for another 74 miles, so duct tape was the answer. I scouted out a sandwich spot for lunch but it looked closed. 

Once back in the room, I repaired my shoe and took some extra duct tape just in case. We lounged around the room until we heard a knock on the door just before 10:30. We returned the room key and headed for the post office. On our way, we passed a local who was curious about our hike. I offered him my duct tape and he offered us a ride back to trail. D had found a cell phone on our last stretch of trail and was mailing it back to the guy.

We walked down mainstream looking for lunch. We stopped at Handlers because their salads sounded yummy. We grabbed a table outside. The salads were huge. We could have easily shared. I couldn’t finish mine and D made fun of me. I was secretly saving room for the famous funnel cake place in town but couldn’t even stomach one of those.

We headed towards the locals house, who offered us a ride. He wasn’t out front and had a strange neighbor next door, who was talking to himself. A guy and his gf in their car pulled up to chat with us and later asked us out to lunch. Sadly we had just eaten at the same spot we had just left. The strange man was making us uncomfortable and the guy who offered us a ride was not in sight. We headed down the road and after waving to people staring at us…. we got a ride about 15 mins later. 

Once dropped off around 12:15 at Molas pass, the clouds had started to roll in. We put our rain gear on and headed for the gradual trail. Bikes were allowed in this part. It rained off and on all day. We didn’t exactly plan a camp spot but wanted to nero out of town. With the weather, we didn’t want to attempt the pass and called it after 8 miles. We finally get to camp in the trees again even at 11,000+ elevation. Our camp spot is pretty flat too. The sun didn’t come back out and it was going to be a cold night. 

We had a game night in my tent since we got to camp so early. We played 500 Rummy in my tent and then palace. Right before our last game, we heard coyotes for the first time.