We had a rough night of sleep. An animal was making noise behind Dine and Dash’s tent. He investigated and it was a deer. This deer was digging at the ground in spots we went to the bathroom. It was not doing it quietly nor was she afraid. We heard coyotes again too.

My alarm went off at 6 and I just wanted to go back to bed. I started to pack up and it turns out Dine wanted to keep sleeping too.

We had 3 mile hike to the first pass of the day. I passed two ladies and their dog. Shortly after I heard coyotes. This was before 8am. At first I thought it was there dog but it was not.

After the pass, we climbed down into the valley spotting a deer on the path. The valley walk took us 3 miles down into the trees and slowly had us climbing out. We passed a pretty waterfall. We reached another high point of a climb and stopped to snack. I suggested we stop again down at celebration lake, which we had lunch and played two rounds of rummy. There were some distant storms. 

We had 6ish more miles to the next pass and after we came down camp was right there. No one wanted to camp near us but a little before 6 Tim strolled up. D and I finished our game of rummy while he set up. 20.1