It was our second to last morning on trail and we decided to sleep in without setting an alarm. I thought I heard Dine and Dash packing up and checked my phone. 6:39AM. I was not ready to get up yet and it seemed he was just moving around. 

Around 7, I started to pack up and we were out of camp before 8. We had a long water carry today and I could only really carry 2L. 

The trail carried us downhill. I was distracted from having cell service. I finally caught up to Dine and Dash for a 10am snack and he was upset his book hadn’t downloaded. I suggested listening to something he already had listened too before. He chose Harry Potter and we walked close enough that I could listen too. 

We listened to 6 chapters and it was a nice distraction from the ups and downs we had to do.

We got hit with weird weather. It rained longer than it has before. We hid under some pine trees as we heard distant thunder. It hailed. Stopped briefly, and rained and hailed some more as we had our last two climbs of the day.

I was relieved to see Taylor Lake looking back at me as we made our final descent. As we got to camp around 5, the rain started. Dinner was in my tent as I listened to the crackling of thunder. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the trail coming to an end. 22.7 miles

After some R &R, I invited Dine over for a friendly game of cards. After several rounds, it began to rain. The rain turned into a monsoon and thunder. Dine hung out in my tent until it slowed. The storms continued at least until midnight.