Day 30 

Despite the weather, I slept pretty good. I had to sleep towards the middle of the tent to avoid some splash back. 

I woke up at 5:15 and tossed and turned until 6 just as it began to start raining again. I asked Dine want he wanted to do and we packed up anyway.

It rained for the first few hours of the morning. We walked pretty fast taking little to no pictures due to the weather. I was ahead of Dine because I was running down the steep parts of the trail. He caught up on the 4.2 uphill and we took a break at the top. The rain finally let up. 

We zoomed downhill. At one point I got back ahead of Dine and Dash until the end. I continued to jog the steeper, rocky sections. Passing many bikers and many day hikers, I knew I was getting close. I didn’t want to check my phone to know the distance because I wanted it to be a surprise. I was so excited, I couldn’t help but run. I teared up a few times. 

Reaching the end point, I half expected the bikers to be there clapping but there was no one to celebrate with. I spotted a cooler that Beer Goddess left and snagged a white claw. A few minutes later, Dine and Dash came down the trail and we celebrated together. We dried out our stuff at the end.

Also my shoes survived the mileage and grr duct tape remained in tact.