I drove up Tuesday night and camped across the stream from the Inn. A homeless man was also hanging around and making me feel uncomfortable. At the time, I was the only other person there. I got out of my tent to call my dad and ask for his advice. In the meantime, I had ventured over to the Inn and went inside to ask about the man. They had confirmed what I already knew and said he was harmless. Two other hikers had said they were camping out there too and just hadn’t set up their tents yet. An AT thru hiker and a LT thru hiker. Daydream and Missing Person

I took them out to breakfast the next morning right before my shuttle driver picked me up at 9am. She was a fellow teacher and had connections to NJ, so the ride went by with ease. She dropped me off at Journeys end and I was on my way to the Northern Terminus just before noon.

The trail went up from the start and I passed a day hiker planning to start his Sobo thru in about a week. 

I reached the terminus and snapped my photos before venturing on down the trail. It felt strange being in the green tunnel but it always occupied my mind well. 

I climbed up and over three mountains/peaks. It felt like it was taking forever to reach the first shelter 4.4 miles from the terminus. That always seems to happen when I step back on the trail. Time seems to move more slowly. I made it to the shelter and was greeted by two hikers, which quickly became 6 hikers. A little LT bubble. They were all finishing today. It made me wish I went NOBO instead. Logistically it was easier this way.

The first SoBo Blaze

I continued on passing two females eagerly asking them if they were thru hiking and they weren’t. It started to rain. I didn’t even bother putting on my rain gear as it was too warm. The trail was steeper and rockier than I had expected definitely very similar to the whites in some areas.

The summits were cloud covered or covered with trees. The trail was very overgrown and at times branches were whacking me in the face. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed to camp for the night but I knew if someone was at the next shelter then I was likely planning on stopping there for the night. I stopped to fill up water and I listened closely to see if I heard anyone. I heard nothing. As I got closer I finally heard someone. In the shelter, there was a young guy named Jay or ham from New Hampshire who is hiking. A little while after two more guys joined us. Despite the rain, I decided to set up my tent because I didn’t bring sleep clothes and my clothes were pretty wet, so I opted to set up behind the shelter a ways. Although I could hear the guys talking with each other I did hang out for a little while until I retreated to my tent.