I decided to sleep in until 6:30am this morning. I read on the GMC website that you needed to do the trail in one shot to be a thru hiker. That would mean I would have to do the 100 miles in the South again. I don’t want to do them again for the “thru hiker” title. That means I have 50 less miles to do and can just hike back to my car.

I zoomed down the trail to a nice view at Prospect Rock until I made it to the first road. I had reached out to a local trail angel to see if I could take a shower but he was away on vacation. All I wanted was a shower. 

I popped out on the road again on VT 15. Cars were zooming by but I walked down to the hardware store. I plugged in my charger and headed inside for the bathroom. I took a hiker trash rinse using the sink and felt as clean as I could. All they had was backpacker meals and I didn’t have my stove. Also, they had no cold drinks!

I headed for the road and stuck my thumb out. After about 5 minutes a red truck pulled over and I hopped in. He dropped me off at the supermarket. After grabbing a few things, I headed out front to enjoy my soda, Powerade, and ice cream at 10am. I organized my food and gave my consumed food time to digest. A local man stopped to chat with me about his own life adventures. 

I went to go hitch back to trail and wasn’t even on the road for a minute and got picked up. It was a father and son who had seen me at the hardware store. 

I was back on trail by 10:30 and headed for Whiteface. It was not a bad climb until the last mile, mile and a half. It was steep and had some scrambles. I ran into a Nobo hiker who I chatted with for a bit before heading down to the Whiteface shelter. I grabbed some water and ate half my sandwich that I packed out. I had 3.2 to camp and one more big climb up Madadona Peak. I walked by two more groups of people that I chatted with.

I was so relieved to see the pond. I went to find camping on the ski slope and set up my tent. I wanted to go swimming in the pond but first I had to claim my real estate. I ventured down to the pond and chatted with some local boys fishing. They were very curious about the hiker life and I had to fill them in.

I met Bells & Whistles and we swam in the pond together trying to be somewhat clean again. After chatting and drying out, we headed up to the shelter. I stretched and then headed back to camp for food. The shelter was not close by to the tenting.

I ate my salad and the rest of my sandwich with Bells and Whistles. The guys came back and did some dumb silly things. It was clear they had been drinking. Many more people joined to watch the sunset. It transformed the whole sky. I will say the hiking has not been enjoyable at times but the sunrise and sunsets have been great.