My first time sleeping in the shelter on this trip and I slept like crap. Two other local women came up and also slept in the shelter. It was all women. They packed up some beers and were very chatty. They stayed up pretty late and I couldn’t fall asleep. 

It started to storm that blew in a rainy mist into the shelter. Next thing I knew I heard more noise and it was time to watch the sunrise. It was a little disappointing with the cloud coverage. But since I was up I started to pack up and was headed out of camp by 6am. I had 10.5 miles until I hit Route 2 and had to hitch into town. 

I was also hoping I would catch the SoBo hiker named Frog. Although I knew I was climbing up the mountain first thing in the morning, I thought I was pretty much going downhill all day. Well, I was wrong. The trail was like another wave. Until I got to lower elevation, I left the pines and slippery rocks for a dirt trail and ferns. This allowed for much easier walking. 

Right as I was passing a day hiker, I spotted a SoBo! Could it be? It was him. He wasn’t even creeped out that I had been trying to catch him. I think he was just as happy to have the company. We chatted away. Although he was walking at a much slower pace than I, we still made it down to the road before I estimated. He was headed into the next town and didn’t want to stay tonight. We parted ways at the road. I hitched into town via two different rides and got dropped at the bagel place. I had a breakfast sandwich and a root beer (what I had been craving enough though I don’t usually drink soda). Next I wanted to laundromat and changed it the cafe next door. I came back to the cafe after my laundry was done to change and grab a milkshake. Next stop was the grocery store before heading downtown for the Inn. 

The Inn let me check in early and I was so happy to take a shower. I lounged around until I grabbed dinner at the Pub. I was not impressed with my chicken sandwich nor potato skins.

Day 7:zero due to the storm

I didn’t sleep the best but woke up to the tropical storm. There was no way I was hiking out in the rain. I tried to find another place to stay the night before but didn’t have luck. I was justifying my town stay with the fact I hadn’t stayed in town at all. I lounged around for most of the day and grabbed food at Zacharys. It was so much food and I actually had a good night of sleep.