I was actually able to sleep in and got up to take a shower. My last one until I finish the Long Trail. I headed down stairs to drink some coffee and wait for breakfast. This time I had melon again, a cheesy omelette, and a blueberry pancake. I felt pretty full but about an hour later I was hungry again.

I walked over to the bagel store for a breakfast sandwich and a soft baked cookie while I charged up my stuff.

John, the owner, was going to give me and another hike a ride back to the trail. I had a farm field walk, where I tripped and fell. I had to walk down the road for a bit before heading up towards camels hump. It was a 6 mile ascent that weaved up and down several humps. The last .5 was so steep. I could feel it in my knees. There were a lot of day hikers up top.

Just a ways from the summit, I stopped to take a break and eat lunch. I only had 1.7 to the Montclair Lodge. I was aiming for the one after that. I slipped falling while going downhill and made it to the shelter. I saw packs inside and was tempted to stay. Some NOBOs had told me the trail ahead was slow going and I opted to only do 10.5. I don’t enjoy hiking past 5pm.

I was nervous to sleep at this shelter because of the bear warning. A few years ago they kept the bear box in the shelter and a bear broke in. It moved the box in front of the door and locked itself in. It ended up jumping out of the window, breaking it. 

4 other hikers are stayed in the lodge and two of them I passed last year on my SoBo AT hike.