I woke up a little before 6am but refused to start packing up until 6. I was out of camp pretty quick and headed for Mount Ethan Allen. It was a pretty steep climb given that it was only a mile. It took much much longer than 30 minutes to hike up and it was viewless.

I started to get in a bit of a funk as I headed to ladders ravine and towards Burnt Rock Mountain. The ladders ravine was cool and the views from Burnt rock were nice. I still couldn’t shake the feelings. I popped in some music and slowed down my pace. I was aiming for App Gap so I could get tacos and grab my last resupply. 

I made it down to the road right before 12. Two Nobo female hikers came down and they were headed into town too. I asked if when they called the Inn if they would take me too. They would! We waited 15 minutes and I got picked up. He stopped at the Inn first and then we headed for Mad Taco. I ordered a burrito! I hit up two different grocery stores. The girls listened to me as I shared my feelings.

We parted ways while they still shopped at the grocery store. I got a hitch from a man who lives 10 mins from Lincoln Gap. He even offered to drive me back to my car at Killington if I wanted the next day. It left me with some serious thinking as I kept moving forward. 

I got back on trail a little before 2:30. Almost 2.5 hours in town. I didn’t plan where I would get to for the night. I knew I wouldn’t make it Battel with staying in town so long. I just walk and if I got to a camp spot I’d check Guthook and see if anyone was there. I kept moving and ended up at Chairlift Hut making it nearly 17 miles. Two other Nobo hikers were there and I was relieved not to have to camp alone. Only two more nights on trail. I can do this!