I woke up before my alarm set off and I peekd out the window to see the sunrise. I quickly packed up and was headed up the trail. I had 17.1 miles to camp.

I had to climb with two peaks before heading up to Mount Abraham. I had the view all to myself. I climbed down and headed down for the next shelter to fill up on water. I continued down until I reached Lincoln Gap. I looked into breakfast places but kept going because nothing looked promising.

I was headed for a few view points and towards Grant Mountain. I stopped and chatted with a lady for a few minutes about the trail and shelters ahead. 

After stopping at Cooly Glen, I started to see where some day hikers were and asked them about Frog. They were giving me conflicting information, so I decided to slow down. 

I made it down towards Emily Procotor shelter and saw other people camped there. I was so tempted to stop and contemplated over it for about 45 minutes. I decided to keep going. I was only sitting there eating the entire contents of my food bag. It was 2 more miles to the next shelter easily doable in an hour and one less mountain to climb in the morning. I climbed up 6 peaks/mountains. 

I was hesitant to keep going in case the shelter was overcrowded or quite the opposite and no one was there. 

Walking up to the lodge, I heard someone moving inside. It was a Nobo named Eric who happened to be camping here too. We chatted for a bit and I felt okay staying there. We watched a beaver swimming in pond and kept an eye for moose.