I woke up to see the sunrise through the window of the lodge. I packed up as quietly as I could in order not to wake Eric. I was attempting 23 miles, my biggest day yet. 

The day was pretty uneventful to be honest. The trail was more forgiving but had little to no views. I don’t think I took any photos. My trekking pole caught on one of the branches I had to duck under and broke it even more. 

A Nobo hiker informed me I didn’t want to camp at Sunrise Shelter because the flies were bad and there was no sunrise to be seen. 

I stopped to enjoy one of the views and eat some snacks before continuing downhill. 

I crossed a road and the trail became pretty flat. After passing Sunrise shelter, my feet began to ache. It wasn’t too much further before I would be at David Logan ending my 23 mile day. I was chatting with some other hikers when Frog popped his head out of his tent. He had recognized my voice. He had felt tired and decided to not keep going. I was hoping I would run into him. I was running extremely low on food and had hoped he had some extra to share. He gave me an Alpine backpacker meal and had to heat up water for me. I shared some coconut oil with him and later some celebratory chocolate. 

For a brief moment, I thought I had left my Duplex somewhere but found it at the bottom of my pack. I also had to borrow Frog’s trekking pole to set up my tent. I was very needy that day. 

He wanted to hike together the next day. We started out together but he eventually got behind and I booked it to the finish line.

I walked out to US 4 starving. I walked up the road to th Inn to food. Another hiker was out front and looked liked he needed a ride. I told him I’d drive him into town as long as I got food first. He was a AT SoBo thru hiker. We shared a drink and lunch together. I shuttled him to Walmart and headed back to the Whites.